Warmblood Trotting Portrait

About this Warmblood horse portrait

This Warmblood was a horse I used to own called Lewyn. Actually, he was only mostly Warmblood; he did have some Thoroughbred and other breeds in him including Clydesdale! You could say he was a bit of a Liquorice All Sort!

The photo that this portrait was based on (which I no longer have) was of him being trotted in-hand with his new owner. Overall, he had just three owners in his life: his breeder, me and the lady I sold him to. I have found horses tend to be bought and sold several times throughout their lives, and can travel great distances. So it’s nice to know that Lewyn had a great life with just a few owners.

Lewyn was definitely a quirky character. He had amazing scope (jumping ability) but could be quite spooky at times. He was also a very nice looking horse with great conformation and this picture highlights his expression, muscle definition, and movement. I really enjoyed drawing this and the portrait itself is hanging on my living room wall, along with the Thoroughbred horse portrait.

I would like to create more pieces in the future which are of the full body of an animal. Horses in particular are such powerful creatures they provide great inspiration for action shots. It would be fun to capture moments like the take off point at a jump, or the moment of suspension in a gallop when all four feet are off the ground. I could even create a series where I draw a horse, a dog and a cat in the same action pose. I will be starting to add more original work soon, so watch this space!