1. Contact me

You can get in touch with me from my Contact page where you can send me a photo or several photos of the subject for your portrait. I will respond as quickly as I can to any inquiries or questions and we can discuss any specific wishes you have regarding your portrait. I will also provide you with a timescale at this point depending on other work that is ongoing.


2. Deposit

I request a 25% deposit on all commissions before work begins. I will provide an invoice and you can either pay by card online or by bank transfer.


3. Work-in-progress

Throughout the process of the portrait’s development I like to take pictures as well as video to show the work-in-progress. I like to send updates to you as well as putting them on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. If the portrait is a surprise gift for someone and there is a chance they would see my social media posts, I will of course refrain from adding pictures there until that person has received their portrait. Once the portrait is complete I will send you a final picture to be sure you are happy with it.


3.5 Framing

At this point, if you have requested that I have the portrait framed I will take the picture to a local framer and consult on the best frame for the portrait. I will provide you with a quotation before work commences on the frame and, if agreed, this will be added to the total price of the commission.


4. Final Payment

I will take the remaining 75% of the portrait price, plus postage and packaging (and framing if applicable) costs. Again, this can be completed by bank transfer.


5. Post

I will post the commission as soon as it is completed and you have approved the final piece (see my FAQs page for more information about postage and packaging).


6. Feedback

I love seeing photos of completed commissions in their frames and hanging in their new home, so please feel free to share a picture with me. You can also post a review on my Facebook page.