About this portrait of a mixed breed hound

Photo of hound for pet portrait

I completed this portrait in 2018 for a colleague from work. The subject was a childhood pet of hers and she gave the portrait to her brother as a birthday present. It was actually part of a pair of dogs on the same picture, similar to the Boxer portrait. When she gave the final piece to her brother, apparently he cried (good tears)!

The difficulty with drawing portraits of childhood pets is the photos tend to be of less quality because of their age. However, I do like this picture as it’s in side-profile and the long, pointed nose is really well defined. The dog also has really cute curled back ear that adds real character. Like most hound types, this dog has big eyes with a sympathetic expression. However, these types of dog are also designed to catch prey. My colleague said her dog was very good at this and she remembers being traumatised as she watched it catch a rabbit one day!

I personally have a big soft spot for Whippets. I think they are very loyal and gently dogs and make great pets. You do have to be able to give them the exercise that they need, but that’s another reason why I love them. I’m very fortunate to live in the countryside of the UK and would have some great walks to offer a Whippet! I hope one day I can have a little Whippet puppy of my own ❤