Grey Horse photoAbout this horse portrait

I completed this equine drawing in 2017 as a wedding gift from a mother to her daughter. The photo captures her daughter’s horse in a beautiful side-profile and I enjoyed working from this picture. The angle of the head shows off the pleasing lines of the horse’s features and bone structure. The dapple grey coat also lends itself nicely to the monochrome nature of graphite pencil, and I enjoyed blending out the dark grey muzzle into the white hairs of the face. The grey hairs around the horse’s eye also creates the optical illusion of it looking bigger, and big dark eyes are always an attractive feature and bring life and character to a subject.

I have an interesting horse fact for you: did you know that there is no such thing as a white horse? Horses that appear to be all white still have black skin and are still referred to as grey. The horse in this portrait is a dapple grey which means black hairs form ‘dapple’ patterns on its white coat. Horses that have white coats on pink skin are known as cremellos. When I was at university I studied a little about colour genetics in horses and it was fascinating!

If you have a horse you would like to see made ‘grey’ with a pencil pet portrait, get in touch! 😉