Black and white English Pointer photo

About this English Pointer portrait

This portrait is of my husband’s family dog, Ozzy, who is a male English Pointer. This photo is great because it shows him posing in the classic posture – pointing (with some help from the owner!). It’s amazing that the pointing trait is so well ingrained into the breed that, even though he’s never been used for traditional hunting, he knows how to point. The reason behind this behaviour is because, when out on a hunt, they would sniff out and indicate where the prey was so the hounds could give chase.

This is a great posture for a portrait of an English Pointer, or any pointer breed. It provides an active stance that gives a bit of dynamism to the portrait, but also means they are standing still for the photo! The colour of this pointer is also handy as it’s black and white. The distinct markings are very recognisable and it’s fun to play with spots. I’d love to have a go at a Dalmatian one day!

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