Black Labrador photoAbout this dog portrait

This is one of my favourite canine drawings and was completed in early 2018. The person who commissioned me gave it as a gift to a friend of and it was very warmly received. She told me the labrador in the portrait was getting older so the owner wanted a portrait to have as a memory. Later I was fortunate to meet the owner and she told me the drawing had been a lovely surprise. I was very flattered when she said that, when guests see it, they think it’s a photograph of her dog!

I like this photograph because the dog is looking directly at the photographer and its head is on a slight tilt. The angle of that tilt did mean it was a challenge to draw as the temptation is to keep everything on an even plain! I had to be careful that

I think Labradors must be one of Britain’s favourite dog breeds. My dad had one and my best friend used to breed them and they do make great pets. I’ve found that, though there is a standard type, there is a lot of subtle variation in size and shape. Their temperament generally matches the overall type, though – squishy and giddy!

You can see more about the process here that I use to create dog portrait commissions like this one. If you have a labrador that you want a pet portrait of, just contact me here.