Cleo PhotoAbout this cat portrait

This is my cat, Cleo, and I completed this portrait of her not long after becoming her owner in 2017. She also has a sister, Jet, who we got at the same time. Her portrait is next on my list of feline drawings!

As you can see from the photo Cleo has a nice thick coat with some distinct markings, especially the black smudge on her nose! Cats make interesting pet portraits as their thick hair and supple skin hides their bone and muscle definition, so there is not as much contrast between light and dark for shading. Still, the big puss-in-boots eyes help to add plenty of character!



I definitely need some more cat portrait commissions to add to my portfolio. So far I’ve found it’s not as common to have a portrait done of a moggy when compared to dogs. However, I know there are lots of cat owners out there who adore their kitty companions and who I am sure would love to see their pet as a piece of art!

Do you have a cat with interesting markings? Or one with big round eyes that melt your heart?! Just contact me for a commission and keep an eye on my gallery for the portrait of my other cat, Jet!