Boxer dog portrait photoAbout this Boxer portrait

This boxer formed part of a large portrait with this and another dog. It was a gift from a wife to her husband as they had owned the two dogs together. This boxer portrait has become one of my favourite pieces, and it was my first time drawing a boxer! It was not a face shape I was all that familiar with, and the brindle pattern of the coat was also an interesting challenge. I wanted to capture the definition of the lines without it looking striped like a zebra. Thankfully, the blending tools I use soften the edges of the markings and create a gradient between the hairs.

The best aspect of this picture is the expressiveness of the dog’s face: there’s a lot of thoughtfulness in those eyes! When taking a photo of your dog for a portrait, if you can’t get it to look at the camera, it’s a good idea to get it to look into the distance. By creating a distraction for the dog to focus on, it will prick its ears and its eyes will light up. Then you get the kind of expression you can see in this photo.

I have a page here that provides the basics of getting a good photograph. If you have a boxer or any other dog breed that you want a portrait of, just contact me here.