Photo of black labrador IIAbout this Black Labrador portrait

This is one of my latest creations which I completed in time for Christmas 2018. It was a gift from one friend to another. This is the second black labrador I have drawn, and they are certainly a popular breed. These portraits make excellent Christmas presents, and gifts in general. They are one of a kind and so personal for anyone who loves their pet!

You can tell from the photograph that this dog is one that gets shy in front of the camera as he’s looking into the lens with a bit of a sorrowful expression! However, his big brown eyes reveal a sweet nature and his grey muzzle shows his wise years! There’s a great shine on his coat which makes for a nice amount of contrast between highlight and shadow. I like to enhance this contrast when I can. I use a putty rubber to take out some of the pencil strokes and create an area of light. A putty rubber is preferable to an eraser as it doesn’t damage the paper as you don’t need friction to lift away the graphite.

Is your dog shy in front of the camera? I can help with any photography questions you might have, just contact me! You can see how I developed this portrait from my Instagram feed where I post updates on current commissions.